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Hunter will find child predators online to protect family. Your membership will be for profiling predators and to capture wanted fugitives. Information photos and i.d's at your fingertips . Hunter will be targeting chat-rooms meeting predators tracking them catching them so we can report to POLICE. Hunter will track court record conviction and sentencing of offenders in your  communlty. Help us take predators off the streets. 400,000 victims every year 1 of 5 girls and 1 of 6 boys will be sexually molested before his or her 18 birthday, sad facts.

Look the judges aren't giving these people tough enough sentences.  The policing forces that deal with these crimes are horrendously underfunded.  It is like people don't take this seriously.

  The stats are very clear.  Rehab for child predators doesn't work.  Therefore they should almost NEVER get the chance to get out.  They WILL reoffend.  Not May.  Not Could.  Will.


Okay teenager, who is this predator....?

Sometimes he is a loner, sometimes a mom or dad (girls can be predators as well), sometimes a professional with a respected job, a teacher, a lawyer, a judge, a plumber. There are no real profile limits to who is or could be a sex predator!

Threat levels based on what predators want to do

Level 1 - On cam only

They usually want to chat to you. They want to enjoy your company on IM and cam.

Level 2 - Undressing on cam.

They want to see images of you, dressed, partially naked or completely naked.¬  They may want to see you in some form of undress live on a web cam.

They may offer to reward you with money or gifts to perform 'light' sexual acts (lifting your skirt, revealing your underwear, massaging yourself) on a web cam.

Level 3 - Erotic on cam

They may equally want you to do something heavy like strip nude and play in an erotic manner, and offer some large rewards for such an act.

This may also manifest in a request for you and a friend to do¬ this together. The rewards will be substantial in your terms.

Level 4 - Tracked Meeting

They may follow you to the shop or swimming pool if they find out where you frequent, assuming that you haven't already supplied all of that information on a social networking site.

They may swim in your proximity, brush against you at the market, chat to you at the checkout.

Level 5 - Arranged Meeting

They may request to meet you face to face. They may want to kiss and be very lightly sexual at the cinema or such other opportunity.

Level 6 - Dangerous Meeting

They may want to have sex with you and be very pushy to the point of your discomfort, which will likely be discounted. They may abduct you for the purpose of rape and murder.

Level 7 is off the scale - How bad can this get?

Can you imagine being locked away where no-one can hear you scream?

Can you imagine being forced to have sex with someone you don't know?

Can you imagine that person being violent, masochistic, drooling on you?

Can you imagine such scenes being filmed for the entertainment of others?

Can you imagine such filming being broadcast live on the internet?

Can you imagine pedophiles around the world bidding money to your 'owners' for their favorite sex and beastiality acts to be performed on you?

Can you imagine that someone with a lot of money could pay¬ to watch you die in a manner so bad that we cannot print it here?

Stop imagining. There are millions of children unaccounted for in the world, and the pedophile industry is a multi billion dollar venture.




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