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Teacher charged with sexual assault

Published On Fri Feb 25 2011
Carys Mills Staff Reporter

A male teacher from Mississauga was charged with sexual exploitation and sexual assault on Thursday.

Peel Regional Police began an investigation earlier this month after allegations were made that a 16-year-old student had been sexually assaulted.

Details of the allegations are being withheld to protect the victim, investigation and court process, police said.

Investigators say there may be other victims and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

James Biss, 52, is scheduled to appear in a Brampton court in March.

The Special Victims Unit can be reached at (905) 453-2121, ext. 3460. Information may also be left anonymously by calling Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or by visiting www.peelcrimestoppers.ca

Police Hunting For Sex Assault Suspect, Sketch Released

2011/01/26 | CityNews.ca Staff

Toronto police are warning the public after a 14-year-old boy was sexually assaulted in Etobicoke.

They say the teen was at a public library in the Burnhamthorpe Road and The East Mall area when he was befriended by an older man who offered to walk the boy home.

When the two walked along, the man led the boy into The East Mall Park where the boy was allegedly sexually assaulted.

The suspect is described as:

  • Having a brown complexion
  • 18-19 years old
  • 130 lbs
  • Brown eyes and dark brown, short curly hair
  • Clean shaven
    He was last seen wearing a white sweater/jacket, blue jeans and brown leather shoes. He was also carrying a backpack/school bag.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Boyd Li at (416) 808-7474 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS (8477).

Police issue warning after two-time rapist released from jail

Published On Thu Sep 23 2010
Convicted rapist Ronald Peter Tibando, 46, whom police say is at high risk to reoffend, has been released from prison and will be living in Toronto.

Convicted rapist Ronald Peter Tibando, 46, whom police say is at high risk to reoffend, has been released from prison and will be living in Toronto.

Tamara Baluja Staff Reporter

A two-time convicted rapist who police say is at high-risk to reoffend has been released after serving his complete jail time.

Toronto police Const. Meaghan Gray warned the public that Ronald Peter Tibando, 46, will be living in Toronto after his release from prison on Thursday.

The Behavioural Assessment Section of the Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes Unit “assessed Ronald Tibando as a high-risk to reoffend,” Gray said in a release.

Tibando had been sentenced to 20 years for sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, forcible confinement and assault causing bodily harm.

In 1980, he attacked two women in underground parking garages in Toronto. Nine years later, while out on parole, Tibando sexually assaulted another woman in Peel region.

During his incarceration, he assaulted a female staff member and forcibly confined another in the same incident in May 1993, police said.

Police haven’t specified which area of Toronto Tibando will be living in, but said he will be under a number of restrictions.

He will report weekly to police, is not allowed to have contact with his prior victims, or visit any public parks or underground parking zones. Tibando cannot buy or consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs. He is also under curfew between

Police Issue Warning About Man Who Tried To Lure Child At Etobicoke Rec Centre

2010/01/21 | CityNews.ca Staff

Police are warning parents about a man who attempted to lure a young boy at recreation centre in Etobicoke.

The incident happened at a centre near Rathburn Road and Renforth Drive Monday afternoon, authorities from 22 Division said. A man approached a child in a change room and asked the boy to follow him to another area. The youngster refused and the suspect left.

Authorities are advising parents to keep a close eye on their children when using public change rooms in west end recreational complexes.

The suspect is described as:

  • White,
  • About 5’10”, 180lbs. to 200lbs. with a medium build,
  • Dark brown short hair
  • He was wearing black nylon pants, a grey shirt and running shoes

If you have any information contact investigators at 22 Division at (416) 808-2200 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

Sex Offender Released In Mississauga

2009/08/28 | CityNews.ca Staff

A registered sex offender is now living in Mississauga Valley, Peel Police warn.

Brendon James MacNeill, 38, moved into the region after he was released from custody on Friday.

MacNeill (pictured) has a criminal record with convictions registered for offences including Sexual Interference, Luring a Child under 14 Years of Age and Child Pornography.

He is still bound by a probation order, but police believe he is at high risk to reoffend.

Officers as well as members of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services will be monitoring his behaviour.

However, they are asking members of the public to be cautious.

Police have also warned that MacNeill is still a Canadian citizen and residents should not take matters into their own hands.

Repeat Pedophile Picked Up Again In Mississauga

2008/11/27 | CityNews.ca

Repeat Pedophile Picked Up Again In Mississauga

A man accused of repeated sexual crimes against children is once again in custody in the GTA.

Brendon James Macneill was picked up Thursday morning in Mississauga, arrested for breaching a probation order which forbade him from having any communication with children under the age of 14.

Peel Police also fear he's been communicating not just with kids in Toronto, but children across the country.

An investigation into Macneill's most recent actions is underway, preventing police from elaborating any further on details pertaining to the case, including Macneill's preferred methods of interaction.

There are reports, however, that the 37-year-old tried to lure a child over the Internet and a complaint was filed from somewhere in Nova Scotia.

If you've had any contact with Macneill or know someone who has, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Peel Police Warn Of Dangerous Predator's Return To Mississauga

Cops Issue Composite Of Daring Daylight Sex Assault Suspect

Cops Issue Composite Of Daring Daylight Sex Assault Suspect

Tuesday June 9, 2009

He followed her as she parked her car in an underground garage. He waited until she entered a stairwell with no one else around. And then he came up from behind and grabbed her, sexually assaulting her before she even knew he was there.

That's the scenario that Peel Police say happened to a woman at 101 Bristol Rd. E. near Hurontario and Eglington in Mississauga late last month. The fact the man pounced even though it was 5:20pm  and broad daylight outside shows how determined he was to accomplish the attack.

But the victim in this case is determined that he doesn't get away with it and she's been able to give cops a very good description of him. And now they've turned that into a composite sketch they hope will make it possible for you to lead them right to him.

The wanted man is believed to be:

  • South Asian,
  • About 20,
  • 6',
  • 170 lbs.,
  • Slim build,
  • Short dark hair,
  • Clean shaven.

He was last seen wearing light coloured ¾ length denim shorts, a crew-necked blue and white T-shirt and white running shoes. He was also carrying a black backpack.

Police believe she left an impression on him, likely clawing at his face as she tried to fight him off. They believe he may have telltale scratches that weren't there before May 21st, marks he may not be able to explain.

If you think you recognize the suspect, call the Special Victims Unit at (905) 453-2121, ext. 3460 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


Sketch Released Of Sex Assault Suspect

Sketch Released Of Sex Assault Suspect

Sunday May 24, 2009

Durham Regional Police have released a picture of a man accused of a terrible crime.

Officers allege that he sexually assaulted a woman as she was walking home from work on May 8.

The allege attack happened around 11:30pm on a footpath at the east end of John St., south of the GM Centre.

The victim didn't know her assailant.

He's described as:

  • male
  • white
  • 20-30 years
  • 120-130 lbs
  • 5'9-5'10"
  • dark shoulder length wavy hair in a ponytail
  • large nose
  • moustache (3-4 days growth)
  • wearing white hooded plaid sweater with zipper, and black jeans.

If you can help, call police 905-579-1520 ext 5341 or 905-579-1520 ext. 5338. You can also call Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


Do You Know These Men? Help Catch Two Sex Assault Suspects

Do You Know These Men? Help Catch Two Sex Assault Suspects

Thursday April 30, 2009

Last week, we told you about an April 18th attack on a woman, as she walked near Yonge and Glebe Rd. about 1:15am.

Two men snuck up behind the victim, grabbed her from behind and forced her into a car. The 26-year-old was driven to a second location before being attacked. She was finally able to call police but the two men in question were long gone.

Now cops have used her keen eye and memory to draw a likeness of what each one of the suspects looked like. They're hoping it's close enough that someone recognizes them and calls police with their names.

The first suspect is described as:

  • White,
  • 5'8",
  • Short, dark hair,
  • Clean-shaven,
  • Skinny.

The second man is:

  • White,
  • Tanned complexion,
  • Medium build,
  • Black, curly hair,
  • Bushy eyebrows.

They were in a dark blue or black newer four-door vehicle.

If either or both ring a bell for you, call the Sex Assault Squad at (416) 808-7474 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

Teenage Girl Fights Back To Escape Alleged AttackerWatchVideo News DirectorWatch

Teenage Girl Fights Back To Escape Alleged Attacker

Friday November 28, 2008

A 13-year-old is lucky to be home safe Friday after narrowly escaping what she alleges was an attempted abduction.

Police say she was headed home from Victoria Park subway station when a man in a blue car pulled alongside her and began calling out. It's alleged she ignored the calls, but the man wasn't satisfied, leaving his car, running her down and grabbing her from behind.

Only a lucky shot to the attacker's nose allowed the girl to break free and make a run for it.

"She put up a struggle, possibly even doing some damage to his nose," confirmed Toronto Police Det. Ali Ramji.

"She's doing fine ... she was quite composed and was able to articulate quite well."

The suspect is described as:

  • White
  • Mid-30s
  • 175 pounds
  • Dark brown curly hair, full beard,
  • Last seen wearing long-sleeve white shirt and light jeans

Perhaps what's most scary is that Friday's attempt is just the most recent in a spike of the frightening incidents.

A public safety alert has been issued in Scarborough after three separate incidents near schools located between Brimley and Port Union Roads.

Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS if you can help police in any of them.


Cops Release Composite Sketch Of Attempted Child Abduction Suspect

Cops Release Composite Sketch Of Attempted Child Abduction Suspect

Monday June 30, 2008

It's a face one parent will never forget and authorities are encouraging other mums, dads and caregivers to take note of.

Toronto Police released a composite sketch of a suspect in a brazen attempted child abduction last week in which a mother had to wrestle her small child out of the hands of a man hiding in the bushes.

It happened on Friday around 9am when a woman was walking with her three-year-old daughter and pushing her young son in a stroller along a path beside the railroad tracks at Coxwell Avenue and Hanson Street, not far from Monarch Park.

Police say a man hiding in the bushes grabbed the three-year-old and tried to pull her through a gap in a fence. The child's mother managed to catch hold of her tot while at the same time kicking the attacker in the upper arm, forcing him to let go of the little girl.

The suspect was last seen on the railroad tracks between Coxwell and Woodfield Road. He's described as:

  • White,
  • 5'8" to 5'9", 175lbs.,
  • Salt and pepper shoulder-length hair and similarly coloured scruffy facial hair,
  • He was wearing a navy blue or black shirt ripped near the right shoulder

The man had a generally dirty appearance and had a lazy or droopy left eye.

Police are also hoping someone recognizes a black ink tattoo on his right outer forearm between his wrist and elbow of an eagle, possibly perched on something.

If you have any information that could help police call (416) 808-5500 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

Police Seek Dangerous Offender Who Could Be Headed To Toronto

Police Seek Dangerous Offender Who Could Be Headed To Toronto

Friday May 16, 2008

It's an old adage in police circles that sometimes those who are the most dangerous seem to be the least threatening looking.

That might well apply to the man you're looking at right now. His name is Brian Lemmon and authorities want to know where he is. He's being sought by the Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE) Squad after he stopped complying with a long-term supervision order which was part of a seven-year sentence for sexual interference.

The 38-year-old has a long rap sheet with numerous sex and violent offences convictions.

He is described as white, 5'4", 130 lbs., with blue eyes, short brown hair with blond tips.

He also has a tattoo of a unicorn on his left arm and a rearing unicorn on his back as well as an 8" horizontal scar in the middle of his back and a 3" scar on his left wrist.

Police believe he could be travelling to the Toronto area.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Provincial ROPE Squad at 416-808-5900, toll free at 1-866-870-ROPE (7673), Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at www.222tips.com.


Police Warn Of Potential Sex Predator

Police Warn Of Potential Sex Predator

Thursday May 8, 2008

Families are being warned about a potential sex offender who police say is responsible for a series of brazen and disturbing attempts to lure children.

The suspect followed young boys on his BMX bike, in some cases to their homes and schools, police said, and judging by his actions and the way he spoke to some of the boys, he had been watching their actions for some time.

The incidents all happened in the east end. In the first, police say the man approached two boys, ages 10 and 11, who were riding their bikes in the Leslie and Gerrard area Tuesday around 3:30pm.

The man approached the kids and offered them money if they'd follow him to a secluded area. The startled youngsters took off together, riding to the home of one of the boys.

Police say the suspect followed them and then, when one of the boys left the house at 5pm to ride home, he was once again trailed by the man.

The suspect followed the 10-year-old again the next morning as he was walked from his home to school. Police were called once the youngster arrived but the man took off.

The same day, another 10-year-old boy walking along Bowmore Road in the Woodbine and Kingston Road area was approached by the same suspect around 4:30pm, police said.

Judging by the way the suspect spoke with the boy, detectives believe he'd been watching the youngster's movements for some time. The man offered the boy money and then followed him to Gerrard Street East before he rode off towards Bowmore Road School.

The man then approached two 12-year-old boys in the schoolyard, again, offering them money for inappropriate behaviour. The suspect followed the kids to a community centre at their school but took off once they got inside.

Police say the man rode around the school watching the boys inside until a community centre employee confronted him, prompting him to ride off.

The man is described as:

  • White
  • 40 to 60-years-old
  • Thin build, about 5'8"
  • Slight facial hair
  • He was wearing a black hoodie with a football player print on the front. He had the hood pulled over his head and was also wearing a black baseball cap with a red stripe on the front peak, sunglasses with yellow/orange arms, black pants, dark shoes and red BMX gloves

The suspect was riding a silver BMX bike with light blue tires. The bike has stunt pegs on the front wheel and a sticker on the frame.

If you know who this man is or have had contact with him, call detectives at 55 Division at (416) 808-5500 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

Peel Police Warn Of Dangerous Predator's Return To Mississauga

Peel Police Warn Of Dangerous Predator's Return To Mississauga

Wednesday March 26, 2008

It is another of those announcements that make parents fume, officials explain and police tread a fine line.

Cops in Peel Region have put out a warning about the release of a man they're calling a high-risk sex offender whose past crimes involve young children. And they fear he's likely to re-offend.

The problem: he's been let loose from the Maplehurst Detention Centre and is being placed in a Mississauga neighbourhood. But as in previous cases of this kind, the law won't let authorities tell you exactly where he'll be living, leaving parents to look over their shoulders with concern.

Brendon James MacNeill was convicted of trying to lure a 13-year-old Michigan girl across the border in 2005. He began chatting with the child online and in the classic style of a predator gradually won over her trust, eventually turning to sex talk and sending pornographic pictures to her over email.

He was caught trying to cross the border into Michigan to meet her in person.

His convictions include Internet luring and possession of child pornography. And now he's back in public. MacNeill is 37 years old and while cops pledge to keep as close an eye on him as possible, they also note they're obligated to protect his rights in case anyone tries to take matters into their own hands.

It's a tough spot for police, who aren't able to tell residents anything more than that the ex-con is somewhere in their area. It's even tougher for parents, who have to struggle not knowing where he may be or how close he is to their kids.

Cops pledge to work with the Ministry of Corrections to try and protect both sides in this case and are asking parents to keep a close eye on their children's activitie

Cops Hope Pics Will I.D. Men Who Assailed And Assaulted Young Children

Cops Hope Pics Will I.D. Men Who Assailed And Assaulted Young Children

Friday March 7, 2008

Toronto Police admit it's not a lot to go on. But you've helped them solve tougher cases before. They're hoping two separate pictures will help them find a pair of alleged sexual predators targeting young children in stores.

The first case took place at the Zellers store at 3003 Danforth Ave. on February 23rd, where a man wasn't shopping for merchandise. Instead, he was looking for something far more valuable - a child's innocence.

Investigators say he approached a 10-year-old and starting talking to him about video games. When the youngster answered, the two engaged in some brief conversation before he allegedly tried to lure the lad out of the store, inviting him to his home to "watch video games."

Fortunately, it didn't get that far, and the man turned around and walked away when the boy didn't go with him.

He left few clues behind expect the one that may be the most valuable of all - his picture on a security camera (far left). Cops are hoping someone recognizes him from the image, which is grainy but may be detailed enough to make an I.D.

The suspect is described as:

  • White,
  • 35,
  • 200 lbs.,
  • Long brown hair,
  • Mole on his chin,

He was wearing a denim jacket with fur around the collar, a black shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and a dark-green baseball cap with an unidentified logo on the front.

If you know who he is or if you think he's approached your kids, call 55 Division at (416) 808-5505. Cops want to stop him before the next young boy says 'yes'.

The second man caught on candid camera (far right) is said to have committed his offence on Thursday at a store located at 165 North Queen Street. Around 7:40pm, an 8-year-old girl was inside the business with her father, when he left her alone in an aisle for just a second.

That was long enough for a man to follow the child, sexually assault her and then run off before she could tell her dad.

This suspect is said to be:

  • White,
  • 27-40,
  • 5'5"-5'8",
  • 170 lbs.,
  • Short black hair,
  • Stubble on face.

This guy belongs to 22 Division once they know who he is. Call (416) 808-2205 if his face rings a bell.


Parents Incensed As Whereabouts Of Dangerous Child Predator RevealedParents Incensed As Whereabouts Of Dangerous Child Predator Revealed

Friday February 22, 2008

He's back in town - and the town isn't happy.

The ripple effects of a man police call a high risk offender are still spreading through Toronto, one day after Junior Spencer was released from custody. His sentence for sexually assaulting young boys between the ages of 5 and 14 and distributing child pornography has come to an end, but the fear his presence engenders is only just beginning.

CityNews has confirmed that the child predator is temporarily staying at a Keele halfway house, as authorities keep him on a tight probation leash for the next ten years. (See all the official documents about the terms of his release here.) The area couldn't be a worse choice for families with young children. It's teaming with schools, playgrounds and other places where youngsters hang out, the kind of locations that are magnets for pedophiles.

But knowing exactly where he is hasn't stopped the Toronto District School Board from sending a letter home with all students across the city advising parents to be on guard. "We have received information from the police and the TDSB that a convicted child sex offender, recently released from jail is living somewhere in the Toronto area. The Toronto Police Service is supervising this man," the note reads. "Safety is always of concern to us as educators and as parents ourselves. We will continue to review safe smart strategies with your children on an on-going basis." (Read the entire letter here.)

The fact he's in their vicinity has left many feeling extremely nervous. "I heard it on the news actually before I read the letter," confirms Chris Almeida, a worried mother. "Why put him in a place with a bunch of kids? It's not the first time that we've had somebody of that sort in our area."

The 30-year-old has a history of re-offending, as CityNews has documented over the past eight years. Now those who have to look after society's most vulnerable are wondering why authorities would allow him to come back to their neighbourhood. "There are lots of little children that walk home on their own," complains Raj Maharaj. "You could street proof them from now until the cows come home, but they're still kids."

There's another man who's equally worried about what all this is doing. But Russell Silverstein is concerned as much with Spencer's welfare as the children he'll be legally forced to avoid. The convicted predator's former lawyer believes the attention - spawned by the police warning - is the worst thing for everyone involved.

"These guys are very fragile, and if you create stress for them that is -- how should I put it? -- that is unmanageable, they're likely to go underground and revert to their activity, their criminal activity, which is what we're trying to prevent."

Many who live near the residence that has played host to some of the worst released prisoners in the province are resigned to always being in the eye of a storm. "I really don't know what you can do," sighs Ed Jeige. "They've got to live somewhere, don't they?"

CityNews Rewind: The crimes of Junior Spencer


Letter Sent From School

February 21, 2008

Dear Parents and Guardians

We have received information from the police and the TDSB that a convicted child sex offender, recently released from jail is living somewhere in the Toronto area. The Toronto Police Service is supervising this man.  More information about him is available on the World Wide Web at: http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/ and the accompanying media release.

While we know some information about this particular person, he is not the only source of concern in this or any neighbourhood anywhere.  Our children need to have on-going reminders of personal safety strategies and street proofing concepts.  We will continue to review such important safety concepts on a regular basis.

Safety is always of concern to us as educators and as parents ourselves.  We will continue to review safe smart strategies with your children on an on-going basis.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me.

Police Warn Women And Teens Of Sex Predator

Police Warn Women And Teens Of Sex Predator

Friday January 18, 2008

A man who's been seen several times in the Kingston and Galloway Road area of Scarborough has prompted a warning to parents from Toronto Police. They're convinced a sex offender is wandering the neighbourhood, after repeated incidents of a man exposing himself to women and young girls over the past two days.

The first case surfaced on January 10th, when a woman walking down the street saw a man approach two young teens. She saw him talk to them, only to watch in surprise as they turned and ran away. He then headed her way and as he came up to her from behind, he made a comment that caused her to turn around. And that's when she discovered the reason for the youngsters' flight - his pants were undone and he had flashed himself to all three of them.

Police were called and searched the area but didn't find anything.

Then a week later, it happened again. Cops received reports of a similar suspect repeating the crime in the same area on Thursday. This latest incident also involved young girls between the ages 13-16, with the same M.O. - and the same result.

Now police want to find this guy and expose him to a jail cell. His description is unusual and they think someone is bound to recognize him.

The flasher is described as:

  • Black,
  • Light-skin,
  • 20-30,
  • 5'11",
  • Medium build,
  • Round face,
  • "Chin strap" beard,
  • Black twisted hair.

Call (416) 808-4300 if you know who he is.


Police Issue Warnings About Three Potential Sexual Offenders In 24-Hr Span

Police Issue Warnings About Three Potential Sexual Offenders In 24-Hr Span

Thursday January 10, 2008

Over the past 24 hours, police have warned the public about three suspects wanted in connection with separate but all disturbing incidents across the city.

In one case, investigators are warning people to be on guard after receiving word of an attack that could have turned into a sexual assault.

A 21-year-old woman was apparently walking downtown near Dundas and River Sts. on Wednesday at about 7pm when she was grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant.

The man reportedly clapped a hand over her mouth and attempted to drag her away. The victim struggled and managed to get free of him.

She contacted authorities and gave them the following description of the suspect:

  • Black, about 30 years old
  • 6'0" or taller
  • Bald, clean-shaven

He was apparently wearing black jeans and a beige, waist-length suede jacket.

Police are cautioning women to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Anyone with information in this case should contact investigators at 416-808-5100, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

In another case, officers are looking for a man after a 14-year-old girl was approached on the street near Dufferin and Eglinton and nearly grabbed at about 5pm last Thursday. Police say the teen refused when the suspect apparently tried to lure her into his car. He then parked it and went up to her, asking her to get into the vehicle. When she refused again the man reportedly tried to grab her by the arm. She screamed and a passerby came to help her. That's when the suspect drove off.

Police describe him as:

  • White, 18-25
  • 5'7", slim
  • Clean shaven, with a round face and shoulder-length reddish-brown hair

He was wearing a white baseball cap with a black peak, a navy-blue T-shirt over a long-sleeved beige shirt, dark jeans, and white running shoes. Anyone with information should call police at 416-808-1300.

On Wednesday it was reported that a potentially dangerous prowler was seen lurking around the University of Toronto campus and surrounding area, peeping into windows in the neighbourhood. Police advised area residents to make sure their windows are covered and locked.

Advice for women on staying safe, courtesy Peel Regional Police:

On the Street

Walk assertively
Vary your routine
Avoid being alone, if you can
Plan your route and avoid shortcuts through parks, vacant lots or unlit areas
Always be aware of your surroundings If you're being followed on foot
Head for a place of safety to find other people
Disrupt the plans of a potential offender by selecting a favourable spot to turn around and shout in a loud voice "are you following me?"
If you're being pursued in a populated hallway, yell to attract attention
Report your suspicions to police


Stand offset to the doors
If you feel in doubt concerning people on an elevator do not get on. Wait for the next one
Once inside, stand near the control panel
Depress multiple floor numbers for quick escape

Be Ready

Have your keys ready, to avoid lingering while searching for them
Take a look around as you approach your vehicle or a building entrance at any time of the day or night

Building Security

Never open a locked or access-controlled door for a stranger
Always make sure that a door latches properly after you have exited it
Never prop open doors

Public Transportation

Be aware of suspicious people in public transportation areas
Know the schedules and sit near the driver
Use caution in conversation with strangers.
Avoid clothing or items that identify you or your profession
During the evenings, ask the driver to let you off near your destination
Have someone meet you at your stop


Durham Cops Release Composite Of School Girl Sex Assault Suspect

Durham Cops Release Composite Of School Girl Sex Assault Suspect

Monday January 14, 2008

On the same day Toronto Police warn of a predator who apparently tried to grab an 8-year-old girl on a local playground, comes a similar case from Durham Region. This time, the victim was a 16-year-old who was grabbed on her way to class in Ajax.

The attack happened late last year but cops have finally released a composite drawing of what the suspect looks like. The girl was walking to school around 8am on November 14th in the area of Harwood and Rossland Road, when a man sidled up behind her and began touching her.

She turned and he fled into a nearby subdivision. Durham Police say they have reason to believe the man has struck before and they're hoping you can put a name to the face.

He's described as:

  • Black,
  • Clean shaven,
  • 16-19,
  • 5'6"-5'8",
  • Medium build,
  • Medium complexion,
  • Short black hair
  • Brown eyes.

If you know him, call (905) 579-1520 ext 5320 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).



Cops Issue Sketch Of Would-Be Child Abduction Suspect

Cops Issue Sketch Of Would-Be Child Abduction Suspect

Monday November 19, 2007

Do you know this man? Cops are hoping you do. He's the person Toronto Police believe attempted to abduct a little girl from the Broadview Subway Station on November 1st. A mother and her five-year-old were both on the platform around 5:50pm when a man came up from behind and grabbed the youngster.

The shocked mom held on to her with all her might and managed to keep the child in her grasp and the stranger eventually gave up and fled. But cops say these kinds of criminals often keep trying till they succeed and they want to find him before he attempts it again.

They've now released a composite sketch of the suspect they think made the attempt and hope you recognize it.

He's described as:

  • Black,
  • Short hair,
  • Light complexion,
  • 30-40,
  • 5'4"-5'6",
  • 140 lbs.

There's no evidence that this man is strictly stalking the subway system but parents are advised to keep an extra eye on - and a hand out - for younger kids who may be riding the Red Rocket with them. A busy platform or train at rush hour would make it easy for a stranger to get lost in a crowd and disappear undetected. That's what he did that Thursday. Authorities are determined to see he doesn't get away again.

If you know who this guy is, call (416) 808-5400, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS (8477).


Clarence Dean, seen in this undated file photo, has a long criminal history of sexual offences against young boys and, despite previous sex−offender treatment, has continued to commit crimes.

Clarence Dean, seen in this undated file photo, has a long criminal history of sexual offences against young boys and, despite previous sex−offender treatment, has continued to commit crimes.

Sex offender out of prison in T.O. may act again


Toronto police warned the public that a sex offender who was released from prison Thursday has a high risk of assaulting again.

The sex crimes unit said in a statement that Clarence Dean, 68, has a long criminal history of sexual offences against young boys and, despite previous sex−offender treatment, has continued to commit crimes.

Dean was released after serving a three-year sentence for sexual assault and sexual interference. He was arrested in 2003 and charged with several sex offences against two young boys.

Police said Dean was a close friend of the family of one of the boys and was able to get himself into a position where he was viewed as a grandfather figure and was referred to as "Uncle Art".

Dean regularly took the boys on outings in the community, bought them treats and had them staying at his apartment on weekends. Before the offences he gave the young boys sleeping pills so they'd comply. The assaults began when the boys were six and continued until they were 13.

Police said that Dean has a history of befriending young boys by taking them on outings, buying them things or giving them money, which usually culminated in sexual offences.

Dean is under a judicial restraint order, so he's subject to following conditions while in the community:

  • Reporting weekly to police;
  • No contact with his prior victims;
  • Not to attend a public park, public swimming area or community centre where persons who are under the age of 18 are present or can reasonably be expected to be present, or a day-care centre, school ground, playground or arcade;
  • Not to be in the company of, or engage in any activity with, or communicate with, any child or young person under the age of 18 years;
  • Not to be with any person known by him to be involved in criminal activity.

Police On Hunt For Sex AttackerVideo News DirectorWatch

Police On Hunt For Sex Attacker

Monday April 30, 2007

Toronto police have issued a public safety alert after two terrifying attacks on women, just hours apart, in the north end of Toronto over the past weekend.

The assaults, which took place in the Don Mills and Sheppard area, appear to be the work of the same man.

"We're concerned as to what his ultimate goal was in attacking these women," admits Staff Sgt., Jim Farrell (pictured).

In the first incident, a woman was walking alone on Don Mills just south of Sheppard when she was grabbed from behind and dragged off the sidewalk.  Her screams thankfully scared the attacker away.

A few hours later in the same neighbourhood, a man followed a woman into an apartment building and into the elevator. He then grabbed and dragged her out into hallway where once again he fled after the woman put up a fight.

"We believe because of the location and the time of the attacks that it's the same individual responsible for both attacks," Farrell adds.

"That is our fear that he's tried twice now and he might get a little better at his methods and he might get a little bolder, and maybe a little more determined."

The suspect is described as white, between 20 and 25 years old, about 145 pounds, 5-foot-7.

He had a slight beard with short dark hair and was wearing a white t-shirt and black baggy jeans.

Residents are on edge.

"It's always safe to have someone with you or have someone on the phone or something, you know," advises Genevieve Lui. 

StreetBeat - Apr. 30 - Man Wanted For Sexual Assault

StreetBeat - Apr. 30 - Man Wanted For Sexual Assault

Monday April 30, 2007

Toronto Police are searching for a man allegedly connected to a violent sexual assault that took place at a North York hotel Saturday and they need your help finding him.

The suspect's name is Foad Yousif.

He's 27-year-old and drives an orange tow truck.

He's described as:

  • 5"0
  • Roughly 135 pounds
  • Three tattoos: a lion and skull on right bicep and a black panther on left forearm

If you've seen this man, call 31 Division at (416) 808-3100 or Crime Stoppers (416) 222-TIPS.

Toronto Police Service

Alert issued following attempted abduction of boy


Toronto police have issued a public safety alert following the abduction attempt of a four-year-old child.

Investigators say a man approached the boy on the sidewalk of a day care centre in the Broadway Avenue and Dundas Street East area at about 8:30 a.m.

The suspect grabbed the boy's arm and asked his name. The man then told the boy to go with him.

A day care employee saw the incident and intervened, police said.

The suspect then fled on foot.

He is described as:

  • Brown;
  • About 40 years old;
  • Between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot-1;
  • Dark-coloured hair; and
  • A scruffy appearance.

The man was wearing a dark, denim jacket and a khaki, army-style hat.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-5504, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at www.222tips.com.

Police Warn Of Phony Cop Stealing From Women In Bars

Police Warn Of Phony Cop Stealing From Women In Bars

Wednesday March 14, 2007

He walks into a bar or a nightclub without anyone checking him out.

He goes up to women partying on a night out and waits until they're distracted, then paws through their belongings, making off with items like their cell phones or purses.

And on one stops him or asks who he is.

The reason: they think he's a cop.

Toronto Police are warning women about a man posing as an officer who's out to rip them off in the Entertainment District.

The suspect has what cops are calling "imitation police equipment" that makes him seem like the real thing.

Nothing makes police angrier than someone whose actions destroy the public trust. And they're anxious to catch him.

They're asking bar owners to keep a weathered eye out for anyone claiming to be a cop who tries to enter their establishment.

And they remind them that a real one won't be offended if they're asked for legitimate I.D. by a civilian.

If you know who he is, the real thing would like to arrest his progress. Call (416) 808-1404 if you can help.



Michael Roy Micallef, 47

Michael Roy Micallef, 47

Warning issued upon release of sex offender


Toronto police have issued a public safety warning following the release of a high-risk sex offender from prison.

Michael Micallef, 47, was released from a penitentiary Thursday after serving his entire seven-year term for a violent sexual assault in the Albion and Weston roads area in the summer of 1998.

Micallef has been assessed by the Toronto Police Service and Correctional Service of Canada as a high-risk to re-offend upon his return to the community.

Officers have obtained a judicial restraint order that orders Micallef to:

  • Report weekly to police;
  • Not contact his prior victims;
  • Not attend any public park;
  • Not be in possession of firearms, weapons or non-prescription drugs; and
  • Not communicate with anyone known to him to be involved in criminal activity.

Micallef was convicted of sexual assault with a weapon, uttering threats and forcible conferment after a 25-year-old woman was grabbed by the neck and sexually assaulted at knifepoint while walking along a section of the Humber Valley River Trail in July 1998.

Police remind residents to use caution when travelling alone through isolated areas throughout the city.

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School Raises Alarm After Man & Women In Van Try To Lure Young KidsWatchVideo News DirectorWatch

School Raises Alarm After Man & Women In Van Try To Lure Young Kids

Tuesday February 6, 2007

Are a man and woman working together in an attempt to abduct young girls? 

That's what police are trying to discern following what appears to be a brazen effort to lure two children into a van in the Dufferin and Lawrence area.

The children were walking to Regina Mundi Catholic School on Playfair Avenue when police say a man and a woman stopped to ask them for directions. 

They then tried to get them to come closer, urging the little girls to help them read a road map.  Wisely, the kids ran off and told teachers about the incident. 

On Tuesday a safety alert letter went out to parents in the area, who responded with understandable concern. 

"It's scary growing up now because you don't want to scare them, but you also want them to make sure that they're aware that when they're in a dangerous situation, they need to run to an adult," said one worried mom. 

"It's hitting home now. It's too close to home."

The letter makes reference not only to the latest incident, but also to another suspected luring attempt, where a man and woman in a dark coloured van tried to entice kids with McDonald's coupons.  

Both suspects are white. The man is 35 to 45, bald with grey/brown hair on the sides. The woman is 30 to 40, with a slim face and collar-length straight hair.

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Cops Name Suspect In Three Weekend Sex Attacks

Cops Name Suspect In Three Weekend Sex Attacks

Thursday January 18, 2007

It's a different kind of sex assault case than police are used to dealing with. This time, instead of a stranger stalking victims in the east end of the city, they know who their looking for.

Now all they have to do is find him.

Cops have named 18-year-old Nathaniel Green as the man they accuse in three separate attacks that took place on Saturday and Sunday in the Pape and Danforth area.

Two of the attacks took place near the victims' own homes and involved young girls. The other was an older woman.

Cops quickly narrowed down their list of suspects and Green remains at the top of it.

He's described as:

  • Black,
  • 5'8"-6',
  • 180-200 lbs.,
  • Brown eyes,
  • Black hair in cornrows.

Cops think he may still be in the same area where the crimes took place.

They considered him very dangerous and are urging anyone who sees him to keep their distance and call (416) 808-5400 immediately.



Police Issue Warning About Release Of Dangerous Sex Predator

Wednesday December 13, 2006
He's a dangerous predator who's attacks young boys. And he's been set free in a G.T.A. neighbourhood.

Durham Regional Police have taken the unusual step of warning residents in northwest Oshawa to be on the lookout for Jamie Moorcroft. The 26-year-old has been convicted of various crimes ten times since 2000 - and four of those have been for molesting young males.

Cops are sure he's a candidate to re-offend, but because he's been released from custody, they can't do much but wait - and hope they have nothing to worry about.

They're asking parents in the area to keep one eye on him and another on their kids.

Moorcroft has to meet certain conditions to remain a free man. He can't be alone with anyone under the age of 14, he's forbidden from going to any public park, swimming area or community centre where kids 14 or under might congregate, and he has to keep away from daycare centres, schools and playground.

And they're pleading with the public to watch out for any violations.

Moorcroft is described as:

  • 5'10",
  • 180 lbs.,
  • Dark brown hair,
  • Balding,
  • Hazel eyes,
  • Mole on his chin.

If you have anything to tell police about his activities, call (905) 579-1520 ext. 5324.




Police Issue Composite Of Repeat Rape Suspect

Tuesday December 12, 2006
He now has a face.

Toronto Police have worked with witnesses and victims and come up with what they believe may be the face of a dangerous man stalking the York University area.

They know he's already struck twice around Murray Ross Parkway and Sentinel Road and they worry he may try it again.

The crime spree began on November 18th when a man approached a woman from behind around 6:30pm, took her by surprise and sexually assaulted her.

Nine days later a similar looking suspect with a similar M.O. struck again, this time waiting until 9pm to grab a woman by her hair, drag her between houses and sexually attack her.

The description of the man in both instances is the same, leading police to fear a repeat rapist may be at work. But now they have something they didn't before - a composite to work with.

The suspect is described as:

  • Black,
  • 25-35,
  • 6',
  • Medium build,
  • Bald or shaved head.

These drawings aren't always 100 percent accurate, but they're often close. If you think you know someone who matches the man's features, call police at  (416) 808-7474.


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Police Release Sketch Of Vaughan Assault Suspect

Police Release Sketch Of Vaughan Assault Suspect

Saturday December 23, 2006
Police are warning women in Vaughan to be extra cautious after a woman was attacked after getting off a bus earlier this month.

The 26-year-old victim had just stepped off a TTC bus at Confederation Parkway and Rutherford Road when a man approached her from behind, grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her to the ground.

The woman screamed which caused the suspect to run off. Authorities have released a composite sketch of the man who's described as:

  • White, fair skin
  • 6', 200 lbs., medium build,
  • Late 20s,
  • Dark hair, brown eyes, pencil -thin moustache with a chin-strap-style beard

Police say he was wearing a black toque and a black, three-quarter length wool jacket with a high collar. He also speaks with a light Eastern European accent.

If you have any information that could help investigators, call 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7071, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Meanwhile, authorities are warning women to be extra cautious when out walking. Here are some safety tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Whenever possible travel in pairs
  • Travel in well-lit and populated areas, especially at night
  • Carry a cell phone and let someone know how long you will be gone
  • Trust your intuition. If something tells you a person or situation isn't right, it likely isn't
  • Avoid unpopulated areas, overgrown trails and deserted streets
  • Never wear a headset while running or walking

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